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Welcome to Ìsúra

My name is Efe Fagbeja and I am a jewelry designer. I have always been intrigued by jewelry and the way it is made. As a young girl, I would pick sea shells at the beach and try to string the ones with holes in them. I was always collecting bric-a-brac with the aim of making accessories out of them. My passion remained latent for many years while I went through the routine of schooling. After graduating from business school with my Masters degree, I was job-hunting when I saw an ad in the papers for beading classes. I registered for the classes, and so my love for jewelry making was reawakened. That was 2004, and it would take another seven years to turn my passion into a business. I worked for about five years in a blue chip company, but resigned to chase my dreams of independence. I tried my hands at different businesses but my intrigue with jewelry remained with me, and so Ìsúra was born in 2011.

Ìsúra is the Yoruba word that means “treasures”. We make jewelry because we love to create pieces for women to express their personal style. We want to bring out your uniqueness and showcase it. We make your jewelry the way YOU like it and we are driven by these 4 Cardinal Rules.

In addition to making jewelry, my overriding passion is to see women be the best version of themselves possible. Part of my life’s work is to help other women succeed in their own small way, starting from where they are. I believe that no matter where they’re from, their background or personal stories, they can achieve and make something viable of themselves.  Ìsúra affords me the great opportunity to achieve this dream every day. We train other women in the art of jewelry making, but we go beyond that, to mentoring them and helping them achieve success in their jewelry-making businesses. We help those who require assistance to market their jewelry in our local market, and in the near future, you will also be able to buy some of their pieces on our website.

Every item you buy from us and every referral, helps us to achieve our dream of helping other women, by creating awareness for our brand so that individual businesses under the brand can also grow.

So take a look at our Shop and find something that expresses you. Can’t find something you want or want a customized item? Send an email to jewelry@isuraonline.com and we’ll be glad to work with you to create something you’ll treasure.