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Q: What is your standard jewelry size?

A: Our jewelry as displayed in our Shop section are all made for a standard 16-inch neck and our bracelets are a standard 7-inch wrist, except where the design features a longer length that can fit all sizes.

Q: Can I have my jewelry in a different size?

A: Yes, your jewelry can be resized. This may attract an additional cost. Kindly send a message to jewelry@isuraonline.com for resizing and customizing enquiries.

Q: What kind of metal components do you use in your jewelry?

A: We use semi-precious metals such as gold-filled and sterling silver components where they are available. Where the required component is not available in these metals, we use high quality alloyed metals that don’t tarnish easily.

Q: Do you offer repair services?

A: We offer repair services but we will need to ask a few questions.  Kindly send a message to jewelry@isuraonline.com

Q: What is your cost of shipping?

A:  Please find our shipping rates under the Delivery Charges

Q: Do you deliver outside Nigeria?

A: We currently deliver to representatives in the US and the UK once a month. Items are shipped on the third Friday of each month. Kindly email us at jewelry@isuraonline.com with your item number and we will send you an invoice with the shipping fees before you make your payment. If you would like to expedite your order, please send us a message to jewelry@isuraonline.com or through our contact page.

Q: How long will it take for my order to be processed?

A: Each item displayed in our store will carry a “Currently Available” or “Available for Order” tag. If the item you want is currently available, we will ship within 24hours of receiving your payment. For “Available for Order” or customized items we will ship your item within 7-14days of receiving your payment.

For expedited orders please send a message to jewelry@isuraonline.com or through our contact page. Expedited orders will attract an additional cost.

Q: When can I expect to receive my order?

A: For most major cities within Nigeria, orders are received within one working day of being shipped. Please allow an additional day if you do not receive your item.

Q: Can I return my item if I am not satisfied with it?

A: Kindly call us on +234 803 2005845 or +234 812 8211113 or send us an email at jewelry@isuraonline.com, within 48hrs of receiving your order, to discuss any returns.

Q: Must I be available to receive my order?

A: For your order safety, we require that all shipments must be signed for by you or someone at the delivery address. We will therefore not ship items to P.O. Boxes or general addresses without a specific contact person named.

Q: How can I care for my jewelry?

A: Please find information on caring for your jewelry on How to Care for Your Jewelry


Still have more questions? Kindly send a message through our Contact page.